You unfold my blindness and changed my life

Dear Mr. Hamilton

I thank you so very much for Heirloom Books(philosophies, psychology, self hypnotize magic book) and mentoring me. The book and 12 vision party has the big impact on me. I have so much to tell you. The truth that is I don’t know where to begin.

At beginning I was skeptical and I thought this thing was evil but I was wrong. Evil was inside of me. More I read more I went into twilight Zone. Your mental power was so strong but I fought back. In May 2008. I went to Bafferow, New York. Just before the trip I felt my brain has split apart. there was no pain but I can feel tearing the brain tissues. After I come back from N.Y.(Although I missed two Air plane) The same week end I sat down in my bed and closed my eyes, my memories has come to took me to my conception. It was phenomenon thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

It has been over two years ago, I had visitor. It was sometime in April, 2007. I was broke as usual. I was so board and nothing good on TV. I was surfing the TV channel. I got up to use the bath room and come back to set down on the couch. As I sit down to my favorite left side of couch I saw a shadow sitting right side of my couch. As I turn my head to see, I was no longer in my living room. I was taking the place somewhere on the hill.

A shepherd!! I saw a man on my right side. He had black hair and bared, He wore white clothing. Like Jesus wore  and he held Kane on his right hand  and setting on the rock. There was a tree by him. Down below was open meadow hill. There were some sheep and care takers. Rushes green glass, the sun was shine on the meadow. At distance, there was Great Mountain.(no snow)

A shepherd spoke to me. I could not exactly understand what he was saying to me but sounded like He was telling my future. Then I was surrounded by a woman with blue scarf on her head and tree or may be four men with white and brown clothing.

All the sudden I was back in my living room on the couch. I did not think too much then because I experience similar to this kind of things sometimes.

Walk with FAITH is very difficult task to fallow.  I was saved 1983 by Gods grace and I thought I was walking with Him but I was not.

In 2008, You come along and wake me up. A door is wide open, the old things become new. Now I can see.   I can understand Jesus’ path.

I come to realized procrastinating, fear, disbelieving and few more, those things are sin and I am working on my seven horse man to diminish. I am ashsmed. I must strence to my weakness.  I always said to myself and few people that “We must answer to God someday”.   I am a one of most lucky woman on the Earth because I did my mistakes on past my life and I asked GOD that if only I can have another chance to do it over again and those chances were giving it to me.  I am much stronger then before and happier then before.

Mark Hamilton. Thank you.

You unfold my blindness and changed my life.  I have learned humanity. What is true. I think I’ve learned more then humanity and I still have a lot to learn.  I wish that more people could have chance to purchase and read this Heirloom.  It could be the life changing to many, many people.

Yumiko E.

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