Hello. My name is Mark Hamilton. I am the author of the Neothink® Manuscripts. I am the founder of the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP). I recently wrote the following Neothink® Nugget for my top-level Neothink® Society Members. But I have since decided to make this Neothink® Nugget available to the world via this web site, and I invite you to read the Neothink® Nugget below. I included a Neothink® Opportunity for you as well.  And at the bottom of this page are comments and testimonials from Neothink® Members after reading my Neothink® Manuscripts. I invite you to read the Neothink® Members' genuine responses. Their comments introduce you to a better world. Discover a much better future that awaits you and your loved ones through Neothink® and the TVP.