You are an amazing genius and you blow my mind

Mark Hamilton,

You are an amazing genius and you blow my mind.  I understand that you are very busy with everything that you are working on, and at times I have wished to be able to meet you and to be able to have a conversation with you in person.  I am not exactly sure yet what we would talk about when we are able to meet one day, however I do think about it.
Often as I am Neothinking, I get downloaded with integrations, and one came to me today – which is – that if you created the opening to meet in person with each of the people in Neothink individually and were willing to have a 3 hour in person meeting, or spend one day with each person, I feel that something big would snap together on another level of the Super Puzzles that are being created and built.  Each person has secret gifts that are opening and unfolding, and it would all be opened and accelerated and come out even stronger through personal meetings. There are things that people want to express to you and communicate, and the opportunity has not taken place yet.

Although I feel people need to really discover their own Friday Night Essences and gifts.  One of my gifts is that I can look at people and know what their hidden gifts are, or what their Friday Night Essences are, or what they would benefit most by studying on an educational level in school or in life, or what career they would excel most at.  That is just the tip of the iceberg as far as some of what I can contribute and offer.

Thank you for everything that you are doing!
David G.

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