World stories and Standards of living

New thought waves have come over me once again.
I’ve been silent for some time now.
Thoughts running around in my head and leaving as soon as they appear.
I was thinking why all the confusion.
Why all these words flying around in my head like.
Stories,Common Denominator,Gold standard of living,Multi-generational
Manuscripts,God Man,Mark Hamilton, Forefathers.
This is what came out of the chaos.

Our World the one we find ourself living in today think.
Have you ever thought that our world is built on Stories.
Our Knowledge base is of Stories.You got the caveman stories.
Of how he made his axes or spears.
And how he found fire and how he used that fire to cook his food.
And you have that great big fish story of the big fish that got away.
You got all the religious stories.You got mathematical stories.We even got space stories.

So now I’m thinking that there is a God Man in the beginning marking down his CD as he travels through time.And as this God Man travels through the time of Jesus he marks down his CD.And as he continues through time marking his CD he find himself in the times of our forefather as they were writing the US Constitution he marked down his CD. Now as the years pass into the revolution of the early 20th century with Henry Ford and other like minded people of that time God Man marked down his CD.

And as he watch the Gold standard of living go down in the 1929 crash he marked down his CD.And again in 1964 which was the last time you could go into a bank and purchase a silver dollar using a paper dollar. Not Anymore! But God Man is still marking down his CD.
And again in 2008 housing crash he still marking down his CD. Now after all this has gone on God Man is going over his CD’s and coming up with new thoughts and a new way of thinking.
And then we lost that God Man.

But another God Man who study under the first God Man and carried on his work.This new God Man took his knowledge he absorb from the first God Man to new heights to new levels.And from that came the Multi-Generational Manuscripts.That God Man is non other then our own Genius Teacher and Mentor Mark Hamilton.Some how the knowledge he absorb from God Man 1 took him on the same journey as God Man 1. So through that journey and all the CD’s that were accumulated brought on the Heirlooms.Now I don’t know if anyone has thought of this or even if the author of the Multi-Generational Manuscripts thought of this.But some how I came to me.

So here is my take on this.
Has anyone thought about the changes that have been made in your lives.I mean not only the small changes. But a great big change.And I have yet to here this great big change that has happened in anyone words or testimonies.The big change I speak of is our Standard of living.Not only is our Multi-Generational Manuscripts precious they are priceless.As a matter of fact they have raised our Standard Of Living from the Gold standard to no standard of living to a whole new level. A level I call SFL

Multi-Generational Manuscripts are SFL which means. Standards For Living.
Everyone who has absorb the knowledge of the Multi-Generational Manuscripts has now changed their Gold Standard of living to No Standard of Living to the new level of. Multi-Generational Manuscripts Standards For Living.For the first time in history that the Standard of living has changed to a SFL Standards For Living which has nothing to do with monetary reason.Our Standard For Living should have nothing to do with money. Money should not dictate how one lives.So for me there isn’t enough money or Gold in this world that could take my Multi-Generational Manuscripts from me.Because they are my priceless Heirlooms and my STANDARDS FOR LIVING MY LIFE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

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