With The Prime Law and its Premises if applied and used as a microscope…

With The Prime Law and its Premises if applied and used as a microscope in all human relationships and endures outcomes will not only be peaceful and productive in everyway imaginable but also beneficial  in  the areas of commerce health and psychological wellness for all involved including nations.

Only a compassionate human being like Mr Mark Hamilton would go through the psychic anguish to put forth such a far reaching and epic multi-generational idea to help humanity to reach its noblest ideals individually and collectively without all the strife’s and conflicts that are unfortunately so prevalent in a lot of undertakings now.

Without any malice or misgivings, should anyone were to use the Prime Law  as a yard stick before any undertaking, they would not only achieve results that would be in their best interest in the long term, but also results conducive for the common good for society as a whole and the world at large.

The Prime Law is so simple yet profound in its beneficial implications and applications. You have to feel the sort prophetic love that drove the prophets to offer so much to mankind for honestly free.

With much respect and appreciation Mark

Ernest B

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