Who Am I

I am a ( Being ) from a peaceful world., A world where all the people are ( Rich including the Poor ).,Where ( Prosperity Reigns and Happiness Abounds ). Lots of ( Joyful Moments ) and ( You can Feel the Love that is ALL AROUND )., I am ( HERE Laughing, Playing, Giggling out Loud )., I invite ( YOU ) into this World, where ( LIFE IS A PLEASURE )and your worries ( FADE AWAY )., I am going to tell you a secret., ( MARK HAMILTON, THE NEOTHINK SOCIETY and THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY HAVE THE KEY TO THIS WORLD, WHERE I AM )., Don”t take my word for it. ,SEE FOR ( YOURSELF )., As a matter a fact, I DARE YOU TO BECOME THE PERSON YOU WAS MEANT TO BE IN ( LIFE )., THAT BRILLIANT HAPPY SUCCESSFUL PERSON THAT I KNOW THAT YOU ARE., REMEMBER THIS ( KNOWLEDGE IS POWER )., THAT IS WHY I LOVE ( MARK HAMILTON  THE NEOTHINK SOCIETY  AND THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY ) THEY HAVE THE KEYS TO THIS WORLD., IF I WAS YOU I WILL BE BANGING ON THERE DOOR ASKING THEM TOO LET ME IN, LET ME IN.

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