When I was first introduced to Mark Hamilton the first words out of my mouth were “Genius”

When I was first introduced to Mark Hamilton the first words out of my mouth were “Genius”. He has a depth about him that one could only hope to achieve. His thinking is strong and powerful and contains all possibilities, from every angle, even those which have not  been thought up yet. Mr. Mark Hamilton is a good man, he brings a lot of value to society through his literature and the possibility thinking that it stimulates. His literature has re-ignited my own thinking and caused me to reevaluate the world around me. I know now, more than ever before that things are going to change. The Neothink Society is an invaluable aset to me, my family, my neighbor, the United States and the world. We have all excepted the great and wonderful possibilities that now stand before us, anything else and anything less can not stand. Ua! The Twelve Visions Party, what a God-Man send!! The success of this party means open ended possibilities and opportunities for all of us . It means getting rid of the crap in government so that our governing body can do the job it was set up to do. I have watched since childhood  our current system all to often drop the ball when it counted most. The success of The Twelve Visions Party means the removal of blood sucking, life sucking and prosperity sucking government regulations that have no business in government. It also means the removal of The United State Interests in place it has no business being in. When business is able to flourish without government interference, the whole world will come together in a gesture of good will and working together.
I can guarantee you any attempt to infringe on Mr. Mark Hamilton’s first amendment rights will result in a revolution of sorts.

Steven J. G.

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