When I started to read “The 3000 Year Old Secret” by Mark Hamilton

When I started to read “The 3000 Year Old Secret” by Mark Hamilton, I was amazed and blown away!  It triggered something so deep within me that woke something up on a deeper more expanded and integrated level, regarding all of the structures that the ruling class have built in and continue to build into our world that are holding those structures in place, including using fear in the media, and symbols and branding to control and manipulate people.  Freedom has always been one of my strongest values and as I continue to open and soak in and read what Mark Hamilton has written, once again it has ignited a fire within me to see new possibilities that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Most people take freedom for granted and hold it in a place of entitlement as a birthright, yet it is something that is really a privilege to create and be a part of and is part of the foundation our country the USA was intended to be built on. As all of the Neo Think literature are, what is communicated in The 3000 Year Old Secret is so clear, no one can ever be the same or think the same way after reading it.

David G.

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