When I first read the letter about “The Secrets”…

When I first read the letter about “The Secrets” I thought, another get rich scheme. But something got me curious, so I sent for the info. When it came everything seemed to click. So I took the plunge and sent in my order and money. What I got was unexpected, and I wanted to learn more. I then decided to go on with the next level, wow!! Everything just went right along with the way I already thought and felt about most everything. I ran into a snag trying to figure out my Friday night essence and when the idea of the Zons was expressed I balked. It’s just too much possibility and not enough fact.
I want to help.
To have the “establishment” attack TVP and Neothink now would be a bad thing .I also believe that there “ain’t” no stopping us now.
Up to this point I have only received info and not participated, I have had such a huge burden on my time. When I first got interested in Neothink I had all kinds of time to just sit around and read then my 78 year old mother’s health failed and between doing for her and taking care of my own health, I am now a 17 year hemo-dialysis patient, my time is very limited as I’m sure you can imagine.
Just knowing that there are so many people out there that think as I do and that will be there when my time is freed up so that I can continue to grow with Neothink and become a value creature for more than just my mother is one of the few things that keep me going. I also have some hope that TVP and Neothink will catch on like a wild fire and amazing things will start to happen. Technology is advancing rapidly, medical science is making new discoveries nearly every day, if our society could just grab onto the ideas of Neothink and TVP we would be there in no time. The biggest hurdle will be the elite and to overcome that we must continue to get these ideas out to the” everyman”.  
I don’t know if this will be of any use to you. Please let me know if there is any thing more that I can do



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