What Neothink and the Society of Secrets has done for me

What Neothink and the Society of Secrets has done for me, that have been lasting and uplifting and positive in every way, was to free me from the strong hold and bondage of religion.  After reading and applying the knowledge that I received from the the Heirlooms, I became a new person.  I became free to be myself without the guilt of being judged by a “God” that I was taught to believe in from a child, clear up into my adulthood.  That “God” no longer exists in my world.  So, I no longer suffer under the heavy control and persecution of the Church.  I now know that God and I are one.  I don’t have to look for him, he is in me, and I am in Him.  We are one.  I am free to be what I was created to be without the lies and mysticism of the controlling church to dominate my decisions and thoughts on every level.  My eyes are opened.  I know the truth, and the truth has set me free.  Religion and Church have no place in my life nor will they ever.  My life was being corrupted by the mysticism of a false “God”.  Neothink changed all of that.  Neothink is the future.  Neothink is where the world is heading.  There is nothing  strong enough to stop the truth.  There is nothing big enough to stop Neothink and the Society of Secrets, because God is Neothink.  God is taking people to Neothink, and Neothink is taking people to God, who is the only real living God in us.  When people understand this Truth that Neothink brings, there is going to be Great Change.  We are going to see that Great Change.  We are going to see a new day, and a new world.

Thank-you, Mark Hamilton.  Thank-you for being the one to bring us to that Great Day of Change.

With Love and Truth,

Teresa S.

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