We were created to be creative

There is a lot of love, information, and structure in the teaching and writings of Mark Hamilton. Since I have been involved as a member of this education and awareness, I have seen a dramatic positive change in the people around me. A lot of the distrust of people of different races have seized to exist around me. Conversations of community involvement, national awareness, and global connections are now on the tongue and in the minds of the people.

Our people, our country, and our continents and islands need to insist on getting more information on what is going on in the world in which we live. We have a new decade that is before us. We need to do all that we can in the next few decades to make this century the best advancement for mankind that we can. One of the greatest accomplishments to this day is the Neothink society. Forward thinking is one of the great mysteries that is now being evolved into action for the greatest movement of the minds of the people of the world. Having the mindset to use your thoughts and energy to do for yourself and create a prosperous future for yourself and those around you is another great movement of knowledge that is taking shape and gaining popularity in discovering what each individual can do to advance our social community and our society.

Before coming into this society of individuals who thought like the most productive and most informed people of the earth, I knew in my mind and soul that there was a way that the average individual could break free of all negative thoughts and actions to get into the most positive and productive way of life. This creation of the positive mind and creative mindset has broken down many barriers that was before me and others that are now in this new society of thought, awareness, and creation.

We were created to be creative. We were created to carry on the production of a positive society. We were created to be our on keeper and to assist our brothers and sisters to advance to greater heights throughout our long and prosperous life. Our lives should be longer in the land in which our Creator have given us. Our ways of approaching one another out of respect, just knowing that each person means the world to each of us, will be another beginning of life greater that we can realize.

200, 400, and even 800 years of living should and will be the normal length of live. Once we realize that they are the most important being on the face of the earth, and that we need every living and everything we think is not living thing on this earth to be a greater society, one that we have never had before. Then, we will start the greatest quest of mankind, to live forever.

Take these things from me and the rest of nature, that we all live on this planet together, but we must live together and respect one another to be greater than the past way of living and the past society in which we came from.

I have a great deal more to say. I am sending this letter inform everyone of my accomplishment that I have grown into and that is around me in this great society and knowledge that is in the world.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for your insight and work to bring us this far. I am with you and all of society to move into a brighter tomorrow.
Again, Thank You and I hope and is working toward this future.

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