Two years in Neothink and mentoring of Mark Hamilton

I beg to take a moment of your time to introduce and familiarize those concerned, Mr. Mark Hamilton and Neothink, how powerful and amazing make change in my life.

I have an extensive experience and education in the restoration of antiques as well as the finishing and refinishing of fine furniture, cabinetry and architectural woodworks.  The very scope and diverse nature of the restoration work calls not only for expertise in a number of fields, but also for flexibility and the ability to adapt and apply existing methods to unique and ever-changing situations.  Also, I been working in paint-art since 1974, with works in museums and private collections all around the world.

Throughout two years in Neothink with an excellent mentoring of Mark Hamilton, I learn more than I ever did in my life.

Some people ignore that only NT (New-mentality without the creation of problems where none exist) have a solid structure to grow up and the enlightenment its magnificent power.

The Neothink Society will be to cure aging and death.  Furthermore knows how much is necessary to move beyond the primitive idea of GODS begin to take responsibility for our actions, for who we really are in essence, to grow up.  On the other hand, the stimulation of Mark Hamilton  open the door to knowledge to me, this Great Knight discover of Bicameral Mentality, it was amazing.

During my life I’ve had my own conclusions but with Neothink I win stronger ideas and knowledge. Actually, I really got to focus and could attacks my fears of the past.

Finally, The Neothink Society is the tool and the most important thing to disconnect, the whole world, of uncorrectable anticivilizaton (Old Disorder), is the elixir for the 21th Century new mentality man.

P.S. Some people into the WEB (Google, YouTube, etc.) misunderstanding the purpose and concept of Mark Hamilton and Neothink, I recommend get it more information about them, or if you DON’T KNOW or DON’T HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY, please BE SILENCE!!!
Thank you for your attention.

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