Thus you will make new break throughs in your field of knowledge

To discover your Friday Night Essence is to discover the person you were meant to be. To do what you were meant to do with your life, to bring enormous happiness into your life. There is nothing else in this world like the feeling you get when you finally discover your Friday Night Essence and start to make a living from it. To create what it is that you are meant to bring to this world. There is no other feeling like it. When you find your true FNE you will be working with downstream focus because you love what you are doing and you do not want to leave your work. You are totally engaged with your life. It is this passion that enables you to break through to that next mentality that Mark is trying to convey. And when you break though to the next mentality you rise above the current mentality seen today. Thus you will make new break throughs in your field of knowledge. This is creating new knowledge and new values never seen before. This is the ultimate use of our minds and the only way we can achieve the happiness that is inherent when you are more highly evolved. You see the more evolved an individual/race is the more happiness he/we can experience. Thus there is no other feeling like.

Corey, your words express beautifully the purpose of life. Helping people to find their Friday Night Essence will change the world’s thinking and remove living lives of stagnation.
Kay S.

This video is a brief; but, powerful explanation of how to evolve from a value producer to a value creator using Neothink. excellent and precise
Carolyn B.

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