This is an exhilarating feeling

I know all of us, considering myself among us all, have done our best living our lives throughout the years, perhaps making mistakes that landed us in hot water, or emotional pain. Many of us are like-minded “Searchers” who have been looking for a world free of ultimate dishonesty, and those who would take advantage of us. We have striven for honesty in our lives, and to be “clear” in our aims and goals. This whole process has been made even clearer and more powerful as we gained back our own Self-Authority, and sorted our way among the blockages created by dishonesty in those we had associated with, lived with, and worked with, etc., gaining the self esteem and confidence that We are truly finding our way to becoming the person we are meant to be, and already started the life we are meant to live. This is an exhilarating feeling, especially as creativity rises within us to higher and higher levels!
Love, Lila B.

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