This is a refreshing and eye opening movement…

This is a refreshing and eye opening movement that I endorse, as your late dad has stated our brain has been hard wired to follow using left brain mostly. Now with neo-tech we have the knowledge to access both left and right in a metric of integration. With a direction of honest thought discipline then control into the 21st century. Without mark’s and same page material the masses are soo lost, not dumb just a lack of knowledge! After a couple-three yrs. of reading this grand metric ,pieces are coming together word upon word, this so important stuff will eventually lead you down-stream to a free life. So let yourself dream and imagine a brighter future, you have the free-will to do so. I’m a worrier of what is good and right and pure and honest, we are the captains of our life. The tipping-point will occur we will be free but we endeavor to have no person left behind so spread the truth, welcome to the 21st century the aquarium age let’s be apart of the bringers of a new dawn and peace!
James T.

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