These Ten Seconds miracles are your answers

These Ten Seconds miracles are your answers. When a get these visions I also get a unique feeling at the same time. I know it will happen. And it does!
Russel C.

I know about that unique feeling when you get the ten second miracle. After reading the manuscripts and some very deep thinking. I stopped thinking so deep and found the miracle slapping me in the face. It was so close to me but yet so far until I read the twelve visions party and neothink manuscripts. Mark Hamilton has a very unique way of helping us see these miracles and surprisingly they were always there. So very close : O
I just kept thinking go back to when you were young and it was Friday night? Then BINGO it hit me like a tone of bricks. Do not let the illusion talk you out of your dream!!! You can and deserve to be, do and have your desires of your heart <3 I am living proof eureka! moments are wonderful feelings Torie

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