The Prime Law is truly a “Freedom Law”!

The Prime Law is truly a “Freedom Law”! America, for many years, has not seen alot of the freedoms that this law will bring to pass once instituted. It will get us back to square one again. Back to the freedom to pursue prosperity, as our Forefathers intended us to do. Gone will be “business as usual”! Gone will be corrupt politics, and the posturing that those currently in control bring about. “Initiatory force” will be outlawed!! Hurray!! Americans will be able to use their new found freedoms to finally get out of their financial ruts! Americans will learn how “to empower themselves” and to change their “slave mentality” into the more healthy mentality of “self ruling”! Americans will develop a “can do attitude” and learn to find their way and finally enjoy life as they are supposed to! Alot of foresight and planning went into creating The Prime Law, and we should all be thankful and give credit where due to Mark Hamilton! This Law will get this country back on track TO BEING GREAT AGAIN! This law will get all of us back to focusing on the essentials of governing. It will focus on protecting the people and this country, crime prevention, and growing the economy! Isn’t that what it is all about? Living in a free country where ALL LIVE IN PROSPERITY AND NOT JUST THE PRIVILEGED FEW! We are all called to greatness! Everyone one of us! Even Jesus Himself said, “Greater things than this will you do!” Let’s make a commitment today to not sit idle, but to use our combined talents to go out and do something great! Be the Great Person you were born to be!LET’S ALL GO OUT AND START PROMOTING THE PRIME LAW! Americans deserve better! We all can do better!
Kathleen T.

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