The Prime Law is integrated

The Rule of Man is not the primary cause of an upside down dimension. The cause goes deeper and comes from an understanding of man’s psyche – it relates to what has been called ‘Plato’s disease’.  Just as moths natural guidance system misfires when a candle is introduced, and they spiral into the flame… so, Plato’s dimension causes man’s mind to misfire and spiral into a sea of mysticism, as opposed to otherwise mentality switching off its bicameral programming and jumping to a self-leader dimension. The US constitution can be seen as a man engineered document, to counter natures bicameral programming, that misfires in modernity (but this was not explicitly identified… thus, the document was left exposed to potential corruption by flaw-filled-man)… the Prime Law is integrated with a deep understanding of man’s psychology, his bicameral past – and thus fully protects and correct against this flaw.
Craig H.

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