The neothink literature has to be one of the final pieces…

The neothink literature has to be one of the final pieces in the self-discovery journey of my life. One of the first ideas I experienced to alter my life and help form who I am is my 1979 exposure to economist Milton Friedman and his series on PBS on his book FREE TO CHOOSE. His ideas on how to stop inflation and lift the economy were truly clear and sensible. Some of his ideas helped propel Ronald Reagan to the Presidency in 1980 and were put in practice to some degree helping to stop inflation and return real economic growth. In much of the 1980′s I was part of a tiny religious group that deeply studied the Bible as the only true authority. I again saw the world in a new light. I realized that the entire religious world was false, but I still deeply believed that the Bible and an all powerful God were the only authorities. I was still a follower and my life stopped progressing financially and even went backward. Thankfully my wife stuck with me through all these struggles (we have six kids and two grandchildren). Only now through the neothink literature has the final major puzzle piece come into place to clear things up further and hopefully help me find a prosperous path doing something I love. It showed me that I need to become a self-authority and reject all mysticism. We need a government that truly respects private property and human life. I can’t be happy enough for this final major puzzle piece to see the world as it really is. Now I need to put neothink into practice and achieve a prosperous life for my family while adding value to the country and the human race in general.

Joseph G.

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