The Journey of Self-Discovery

The Journey of Self-Discovery…how self-fulfilling those words are to me…when I was a gang member from Los Angeles, CA (in a Chicano gang), people left me alone because gangs kill people. Not to insinuate that I ever did. But people saw my tattoos, my style and my friends and respected me and left me alone. I was never a victim of anyone and was stronger than most men due to the training of those gangs. But as I got older, as older men from gangs do, my heart began to change and I left the gang.
After I left the gang and the masses saw me alone most of the time, though I had tattoos, I was in church a lot and was not around cholos anymore, they began starting trouble with me. I got into fights on my Reservation though I’m Indian because Indians do not like gang members. I dropped out of the gang but my people still started trouble with me. I also got into fights in church.
After I was out of the gang, everyone started trouble with me. My family, my nation, my neighbors, the Police and the church. These people will not start trouble with Chicano gang members in L.A., CA. Then Mark Hamilton began contacting me. They sounded above average and real so I joined.
After reading the literature, I realized 2-things: 1) people left me alone when I was in the gang because they feared the gang. 2) this is how people are. People are dishonest neo-cheaters who harass the innocent. I never experienced their dishonesty and neo-cheating while in the gang due to fear. Now out of the gang, I got attacked by everyone just like everyone else does.
It is good and right to be left alone by people. The Prime Law forbids initiatory force. When people have money and family and friends, they have everything they could want and don’t want to be bothered by people. So as Mark Hamilton, Neothink, TVP and GIN teach, just leave people alone unless you have a value to give to them because people do not want to be bothered unless it is for a valuable reason.
This is how I want to be treated and how people who bother me want to be treated. So now that I am out of the gang, I will make people leave me alone by helping MH, Neothink, TVP and GIN pass the amendment to forbid initiatory force called the Prime Law so that out of the gang I will be left alone by people’s dishonesty and neo-cheating.
I can see that my heart wants to live and let live. But the aniticivilization is not like this. In the gang people left me alone out of fear. Out of the gang I will make people leave me alone legally by doing my part to pass the Prime Law.
That is one way that MH, NTS, TVP and GIN have helped me. They helped me achieve the peace I need, deserve and am used to without initiatory force on my part.
As time went by and I began to utilize the law instead of break it and go to jail, the real me that a girlfriend saw in me and that Mark Hamilton saw in me began to revive. I did not know this man was in me. But when I got the heirlooms, it was as if they were asking me to become a teacher for them. At that time I did not want to be around any children but my own because I was ignorant. Now, the real me that MH, his family, and Neothink saw in me is reviving…they saw a lover of women, children and animals…and it is true that this man is reviving from behind prison bars…it took almost 10-years of being out of prison for the true me to revive…I was hidden behind a conditioned gang and prison mindset…the model, Officer, teacher and pet lover is what MH and Neothink saw in me…now that man is reviving and truly is a man who wants to help pretty women, teach children and take care of animals…
To be a model with pretty women, a teacher for Neothink to children and to help pets and maybe become an Officer if the Feds will let me, is what I can now be…a man who helps women, teaches children and helps pets is who my heart really is…the gang member and prisoner were a conditioned response to the anticivilization…I have to get rid of my felonies and record…
I am not saying that I hated women, kids and animals before this revvival, nor do I have crimes against them on my record. I am saying that a am who helps women, teaches kids and saves pets was hidden behind a gang member mindset in jail but is now fading away into the true me…I thank MH, Neothink, TVP and GIN for reaching out and sending those letters…thanks Mark. You and Esther were right about me. My heart is a helper of women and teacher of children. DP

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