The integrations and principles that allowed Mark Hamilton

The integrations and principles that allowed Mark Hamilton to create his literature are “way above most people’s heads” – but not because they are hard to understand, but because they are so strikingly absent everywhere else. How many people actually want the masses to understand, to do their own thinking, to opt-out of the established authority structures? Public Education conditions people to crave the security of a job and direction provided by external authorities. College is designed to convince undergraduates that they know nothing that that before anyone really understands anything they need to go through a Doctorate program, and then they are just at the very beginnings of understanding, and there will always be people who know it better. The professions depend upon the masses not knowing how to stay healthy, how to care for their teeth, how to navigate the law, how to purchase a house, how to be happy, how to fix the plumbing, how to meet code, how to install their electronic equipment. The clergy depend upon the masses being afraid to explore spirituality on their own and discover their own answers to the supreme questions through honesty and reflection. The more individuals are able to do for themselves, the less they will need these external authorities. But already we are seeing shifts, more and more people who could position themselves as External Authorities ARE instead positioning themselves as advisers that assist individuals in becoming THEIR OWN AUTHORITIES; instead of giving ‘the answers’ they give ‘how to think about the issues’.

Mark Hamilton’s ideas undermine all bogus self-serving authoritarian ego-driven pundits. And FINALLY, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, people – ALL THE PEOPLE – are encouraged and empowered to begin the process of INTEGRATING ON THEIR OWN.

Mark Hamilton’s system is built on principles of honesty and empowerment that are terrifying to anyone dependent upon their apparent ‘expertise’, because as people come to understand the frauds that are being perpetrated against them these pundits fear the guillotine.

But what they don’t realize is that we have no intention of hurting anyone. Unlike them, we don’t need vengeance. All we want is the opportunity to keep growing and prospering unimpeded by their machinations designed to block the progress of anyone who would try to rise to higher heights. Their control systems will be quietly and effortlessly dismantled, they will either evolve or simply disappear in irrelevance and obsolescence, something that is happening already.
Yon C.

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