The honest Value Creator is king

Mark Hamilton has been a wonderful and positive force in my life. His courage and efforts as an honest business man have left me astounded with a picture of the world that is exhilarating, worry-free and full of the highest quality of love a human can give to their family, friends, and others. Mark Hamilton, the TVP, and the Neothink Society have paved the way for a life and a country where the honest Value Creator is king and the destroyer is justly ostracized.

Neothink helped me realize that one can have an exhilarating, independent, and full life without the use of deception, malicious manipulation, and force to get what one wants in “ruling class” abundance. Neothink has pointed out to me the endless value of the human being just for being… a human being.

The Twelve Visions Party will open up the floodgates of prosperity and lift the walls of slavery and dismantle neo-cheaters from our civilization through The Prime Law. That can only lead to Man taking full authority over himself and living as a powerful genius creating and producing values for his fellow man like he is meant to. Not from external authorities who block his progress and try to control his perception of what he really is.

Just like apes learned to walk, like the sky is blue, consciousness and Neothink will win over our primitive natures and over those who choose to take the incompetent route to happiness and existence with the use deception and force.

Thank you Mark Hamilton!

Stephen J. M.

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