Thanks to Neothink I am again beginning to see people around me…

Dear Mark,

I have been inspired to continue these meetings throughout the course of my apprenticeship.  I can not describe the way I felt before Neothink came into my life without using the words directly from the readings.  I recieved the letters inviting me to become a member of Neothink at a very crucial time in my life.  It seems that at that time, age twenty-nine, I was very much feeling like giving up.  Some problems had accurred in my life that I felt I could not shake.  I was steeped in mysticism and trapped in a routine rut of what can only be described as despair.  People had begun to view me as “someone who was once ‘smart’, but did not simply have the drive and energy to come up with the same types of ideas that I was once capable of doing.  Upon introduction to Neothink, I immediately felt a sense of power knowing that I was a part of something.  The fact that it was something ‘secret’ has made it all the more usefull to me.  I have been able to sort through the emotions of my past with an objective point of view and really truly get over so much that I feel has happened.

Thanks to Neothink I am again beginning to see people around me viewing me as someone who is ‘smart’ and someone who has vast amounts of huge potential.  I have been able to focus on a new career that harbors the child within.  I have been able to stimulate the good in others around.  I am closer than ever to my family because I have found that the rules of neo-think can apply in everday life.  Even those people who are still stuck in the routine rut of the anti-civilization are valuing the advice that I try to carefully give them.  The balance of not sounding preachy, and the practice of not reciting word for word the things found in the heirloom packages has not always been easy.

I can honestly say that my life and how I view it has changed only for the better because of Neothink.

I no longer feel stuck in something I don’t want to do, and this absolutely drives some people crazy.  HA Ha.

Matt N.

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