Thanks Mark, the Neothink Books helped in so many ways…

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to tell a bit about my story.  I am a middle aged married woman with two adult teenagers.  We were in a serious bind with our financial situation and then information about this came in the mail.  I was so curious who sent it.  I looked in the eyes of all my family and friends but they gave nothing away.  Then after reading 3 days later I noticed I was happier and hopeful.  So now It dawned on me that there was something to this.  Now I want you to know that I figured it out real fast that this was not a get rich scheme.  I knew that it would just help me see life in a different way.  Your timing was perfect.  I was a stay at home mom for years and had little work history.  All of the sudden I was offered a job by an old acquaintance by taking care of the elderly which I did before the kids and I was hopeful I could help out with the money problem before we lost the house.  So I did that for 4 months and then the lady that hired me found out that I had a lot of office experience and now I am in the office.  I am the caregiver coordinator.  Since this is a new company I have had the option to go over all the aspects of the job and try to streamline my position to open up more space.  I still see room for more improvement and I will keep at it.  Since I have made more time now that I run a company blog to help with the marketing.  I have come a long way since last year.  The year before I sat and worried.  Now I go to work and I am happy because I am making a difference in an elderly client’s life.  Your books have given me the incentive to and the drive to move toward a motivated future.  The crazy part it I enjoyed care giving and office work and never thought I would be incorporating the two.  Imagine that.  My Essence.

Also I want to let everyone know that instead of getting angry or jealous I just try to imagine a different outcome.  It doesn’t happen all the time but I do look at life a different way.  All the sudden I said wow if things are bad then I can change it.  Whereas before I just sulked.  Life is what we make of it.  I may not be rich but I have a happier outlook with an income that is enough to keep our family going.

Thanks Mark, the Neothink Books helped in so many ways and will continue to help me see the world with my eyes wide open.


Denise G.

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