Thanks a Million Mark Hamilton

In 2006 my career, and seemingly my life came crashing down with a crush foot injury I had received during work. I had just completed my BA program and was assigned a term assistant teaching position while I finished up the credentialing process as a Special Education Instructor.

Working in the education field for 14 years caused me to really evaluate my self, my actions, and those instructions which I gave to my students.

This self evaluation occurred because over the years I continued to witness the removal of our society from that which is ethical, honest, and of real worth.

So many governmental regulations, taxation, and the suppresions of our economical abilities caused even the middle class to feel the pinch of America’s financial burdens.

As politicians were giving themselves
$ 100,000.00 annual raises; school budgets were being cut so drastically that many educational staffers, like me, were finding themselves spending their own monies to supply students and classrooms with needed educational materials.

I guess I began to feel, after spending so much time trying to finish my education while working full-time, and as a single parent of a disabled individual; that perhaps there was no real purpose in attempting to contribute my efforts to an educational system that totally disallowed the needed funding to educate students in a manner competitive with those other higher scoring educational systems throughout the world.

In example, the United States scored in a rank of 6th place in overall academic achievement when compared to international test results throughout the world.

This is a disgrace.

It appears that, because of greed, individuals have placed a higher priority on providing for themselves within their elected positions than that of fulfilling the purpose for which, we the people, elected them into their held positions.

So as I approached the actual teaching of my own classroom, I did so with regret and doubt; then came the injury which put me out of work and along with my crushed foot, really crushed my dreams and ideas about what I wanted out of life.

It was at this time that I received an invitation to join the Neothink Society. The invitation interested me and in joining the society, I did so with great apprehension.

I had already come to the conclusion that many social organizations were being run by the same types of administrations that robbed the school systems.

However, after reading through Mark Hamilton’s writings I could see no falsification of truth into some type of self attaining manipulative intent for which I had come to know so well in the school systems.

In fact, all of his writings are geared to helping the individual live a better life; and within the Neothink Society he provides opportunities to prosper in many ways, including monetarily.

I have met with many Neothink members, and enjoy the socialization I receive during these visits. You see, the Neothink Society operates under the philosophy of a Prime Law Objective. Basically, the Prime Law is one of non-initiatory force being levied in any way over one’s individual life, their organizational developments in business, or as may pertain to the establishing and keeping of their personal property.

There is a balance of honesty within the Neothink Society that everyone respects and enjoys. This has, and can only generate love and honesty within our Neothink relationships and those joint creative developments for which we all have come to enjoy.

What I began to realize in reading Mark Hamilton’s materials was that,…

“Wow, the entire purpose in Mark Hamilton writing his materials is to give people an understanding of how we can again enjoy living an exhilarating life style!

We can live without forced taxation, we can live without governmental mandates on the choices we make with regard to our health care needs, and we can establish our own personal entrepreneurial enterprises under the Prime Law without forced back types of regulations controlling our growth and prosperity.”

All people should be allowed to create value within a society without continual governmental manipulations, without the suppression of living under ever increasing taxation; now being rendered through hidden fees; which is fraud and widely practiced in many governmental agencies today.

These things prevent the American people, the individual, and our civilization itself within America from flourishing as it should.

I am very happy to have become a member of the Neothink® Society, and a registered supporter of the Twelve Visions Party®. The Twelve Visions Party® is joining hands with Americans’ across the country to lift them up and bring prosperity into their lives; just as reading and implementing Mark Hamilton’s ideas has done for me within the Neothink Society.

Thank you, Mark Hamilton… You are the voice of reason calling out in this wilderness that has become our society, saying, “Come, and Live the Life Your Were Meant to Live.”

I understand, Mr. Hamilton, that it is your intention to lift up each individual in America and as your TVP 2012 Platform states, Make All The People Rich!, Including the Poor!
Thanks a Million…
Elaine R.

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