Thank you so much for introducing me to the priceless value of Neothink

Dear Mark Hamilton,

Thank you so much for introducing me to the priceless value of Neothink.
Through reading the Neothink multigenerational manuscripts and your personal mentorship I am living the life that I am meant to live.

I began reading the Neothink prime literature seven years ago and have experienced positive manifestations from day one.  Thanks to my Neothink journey I look forward to celebrating my fifteenth Leap Year birthday on February 29, 2012.  I am proud to share that I will be sixty years young because I am not getting older I am getting better.

When the Neothink Society approached me in the fall of 2004 my life was in shambles. I had been praying for help for nearly a decade.  Thank goodness I ignored the negative information that I read on the Internet and listened to my “gut” and invested in your literature.  From the moment that I began reading your valuable literature I attained enormous advantages in my life.  I acquired the body of dreams, I discovered the beauty of wearing my natural hair, I let go of toxic relationships on every level and I began attracting wealth.  I attended a Caribbean cruise with family and several friends in January of this year.  That cruise which was my first one ever could not have happened at a better time because on January 1, 2011 I received the call that my childhood dear friend was making her transition.   It was an extremely challenging moment in my life.  The luxurious cruise with Neothink family and friends was just what I needed.  It was an exhilarating experience

You are a genius, a value creator and truly a “gift” from God.  Although my immediate family has never read your literature they are also benefiting from my Neothink journey.  Mark Hamilton you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for the extraordinary value that you bring to mankind.

Wishing your Prosperity, Wellness and Peace Always,

Linda M.

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