Thank you once again for your insights…

Dear Mark,
I was not sure what to write about first, so I thought I would start from the first time I received a strange post card in the mail (My Journey). It stated that someone recommended me to your group to receive information that had been keep secret for thousands of years. After learning this information I would be able to achieve many things. I sent off for the information out of curiosity. I believed I received the book God-Man: Our Final Evolution back in 1996. I read through the book with-in three weeks, and it was the quickest I had ever read a book that thick. The book was interesting and had me thinking on a wide range of subjects that I had pondered years before, and some of the thoughts I had in the past came right back with more shocking details. I never really understood how I would gain unbeatable advantages from the 144 Neothink advantages and to this day still have not grasped their full potential. After reading the book I placed it on the shelf with the other books and continued my struggle to earn my place in the world (My Story). When I first started college my only concern was a good paying career and by the time I graduated I wanted to own and operate my own company. After graduating college (a few years before getting the book) I quickly found employment and started down my chosen path. I treated my job like a continuation of real world college on how to run my own business, taking what worked and learning from the bosses mistakes. I worked very hard and long hours always trying to do my best for many years. I worked for four different companies over five hard, long years always keeping focus on the main goal. I learned a whole lot more than I bargained for during that period in my life. In return for my hard work and efforts on the job I rose rapidly upward in every company only to be greeted by attacks from my fellow employees. To them I was a brown nosing suck-up who’s had an easy life from the start and would stop at nothing to claw my way to the top. Its funny how these small minded twits reacted. My whole life has been nothing but hard work and sacrifice, a story of coming from a family of limited means and putting myself through college using the G.I. Bill which again, I had to pay for. Its never a good situation when a portion of your fellow employees hate you for no reason other than the fact they feel you make them look bad, and your supervisor works against you for fear you might get his job. My answer to them was you make yourself look bad, I have nothing to do with that, so don’t bring me down so you can feel better. My only intention was to take on and learn the details of running a successful service company and to do it to the best of my ability, and then go out on my own. I want to be clear on this, I did make friends and allies along the way and I earned their respect also. The icing on the cake was when I fulfilled the requirements by law which held me in that situation, and now I was free to apply for my license to get on with my life. My last supervisor told me I would not last three months on my own, but I shrugged it off and walked out. To me starting my own company was like getting rid of dead weight and unnecessary overhead I was being forced to pay for by working there. I heard from my friends at the company it only took six months after I left when their business took a turn for the worse. My ex-supervisor and most of the people that made life hard on me as well as others had all been fired. Their business has never made a full recovery and its going on eight years now. In conclusion, I again had nothing to do with their companies demise outside of walking away from it.
I’m not sure of the full impact reading the God-Man book and the 144 Neothink advantages had on me, but anyone who has read this book can draw their own conclusions. As for myself, I had been running a very successful service business for over four years when I received a strange letter in the mail. I instantly thought after I read the first paragraph, is this from the same guy who wrote that God-Man book? I took all the claims with a grain of salt, and once again, out of curiosity ordered the books. Again I read through the thick multigenerational books searching for the secrets that would unlock the chains that bind me, and help me break through to the next level. By the time I had completed reading the second heirloom book I sat back and thought, why did it take so many years before I received this information?
At that point I felt my second cycle should have started a few months after I completed that God- Man book. Even though I did not do everything the way you laid out in your books, I did follow a similar path. If I received the information sooner, I believe it would have lighted the load considerably as I only have my internal self-guidance leading the way. The experience I had to get where I’m at and then some was all written in those books. The information rang so true, that it made me regret not having it sooner. I want to be clear on this point as well, I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, and become the person I want to be. I now feel like getting out of my business due to all the government regulations, and all the high taxes I have to pay every quarter. I feel fortunate to have been able to run a successful service company for the past eight years, but on the same token I feel like I’ve only made it on to a faster treadmill that picks up speed every time I muster additional efforts. I consider myself an idealist while others may consider me to be foolish or stupid. I work very hard to make a better life for my family, help others when I can and try to keep hope alive that there is a better way. I’m not 100% sure as to how your vision of the future is going to change the way the world works since their are many details that were not discussed, but I do understand the basics of it all. As time has passed I have a much better understanding of the workings of the world and its not a pretty sight over all. Your power thinking & hard efforts have shown us all a much better way of life which offers more true freedom, and shows how we can come together to make things better for everyone in the world. I know it will be a work in progress, and I want to be there helping to make it all happen, I look forward to the journey ahead. A wise man once said that the future is not cast in stone, you can do whatever you want, so make your future a good one. Thank you once again for your insights and hard work that you have put forth to make this world a better place to live in.

Your Loyal Friend,
Joseph R.

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