Thank you Neothink for opening my eyes…

Dear Neothink Family,

I would like to express how Neothink has a positive effect on my life and my children’s lives. Since reading the materials, I have learned to THINK clearly and make moves daily to better our lives.  I no longer am full of mysticism and following mode actions. I am now in charge of my own life and take ownership of my life and what happens in it.  I have more love for humanity than I ever thought I would.  My children and I were always close, but after reading the “Miss Annabelle” story, my children are more aware of the shortness of life, and have gotten more close with each and me.  We laugh a lot together and have really good discussions.

I feel sooo good about myself and will always be grateful I came across this literature.  I look around at what the thinkers of this world has created and I know that one day my children may have the freedom to create something wonderful and bring a value to society everybody will need, want and love.  

Thank you Neothink for opening my eyes to know that there can be piece, prosperity, and most of all happiness on earth, with no killings, poverty, loss of freedom to live, make choices and create.  No more ruling class to usurp power, possessions, resources for a prosperous society.   And that we don’t have to live to die and hope we get it then.  My children thank you as well.  They look forward to life and their futures.  
Victoria S.
Have a Prosperous and Successful Day

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