Thank-You Mark Hamilton, For what You’ve done for me…

Mark Hamilton,   Thank-You for the e-mail address update.  I am honored to say the least that You have took the time to forward Your address. Thank-You!!!   Honestly, I don’t know why my mind and body has felt like its been in some kind of a mental slump lately, -As far as feeling like I can truly grab those ‘inner Feelings’ inside me to put those ‘thoughts and Feelings’ down on paper to give You my testimonial that You asked me for..  I can honestly say, Your request for my testimonial has been in my mind since You first asked me. What You asked of me, It has never been forgotten, And won’t be until I deliver on my end,- What You asked of me.     One of the foremost pre-conceived ’thoughts’ that comes to mind in my testimonial about Mark Hamilton,  Is quite similar to the idea of how someone, Sometime ago, Had ‘supposedly’  figured out a carburetor system for automobiles, That with that ‘one specific’ carburetor, It could get 50 miles to the gallon. But the ‘rumor’ of it was, That ‘Big government’, And some of its subsidiaries wouldn’t allow such an Idea/invention to take place..  I don’t know why, But for some reason, To me, That is quite similar to the situation You have mentioned… You are no doubt One who has  the ideas/knowledge of how to drastically improve, Not only the ‘thinking mentality’ of the ones’ who so desire to improve their lives, But also to improve the financial aspect of the every day common Joe, Who so desires to improve not only their lives, But their families and friends lives as well.  But ‘Big government’ doesn’t want that to happen, For eventually, There true colors/objectives will be exposed, And You and I both know , They couldn’t handle that…  Believe me Mark, I will write a testimonial of how the positive thoughts/knowledge of what You stand for, Has improved my inner being, As well as my outer being… (:    With all thanks due to You..    Thank-You Mark Hamilton, For what You’ve done for me, Not to mention the countless others..  I love You Man, And all that You stand for…  Take care my Friend,,,, Friends are forever,,, Mark

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