Thank you Mark Hamilton for printing what I think

First of all I want to thank Mark Hamilton and his family for putting on paper what I have been thinking, feeling and seeing for the last forty one years. Now that I know I am not crazy and all alone on this mission to change the world my life can only get better. I wouldn’t want to imagine it getting worse.
There are no words to express the gratitude I feel to have been given the chance to read the truth that literally set me free. The first twenty five years of my life faithfully following the Christian doctrine only proved to me there were more heathens and hypocrites in the church than not, and no matter how hard I tried to find peace from all the guilt, confusion and conflict in the world nothing worked. It seemed like the more I prayed the worse things got. The more faith I had the more hell I had to endure. Nothing made sense especially the part about working yourself to death just to survive.
After surviving a gunshot wound to the face in ’93, the untimely death of my father in ’97, a car wreck in 2000, and my husband and I both losing our jobs in 2004, leaving us with no income at all for a year, I had come to the conclusion that I was destined for a life of suffering and misery. Our only hope and salvation was the undying, ever-growing, unconditional love we have for each other and our two children. But, when the bank called last August to inform me that a check I had been paid to do a job with bounced and our account was minus thirty five hundred dollars I just wanted to die for real.
That day feeling totally abandoned by God and man was the day I found out just how powerful that Neothink inside of me really is. At the time I didn’t know what it was just that it had always been there. While I was thinking of ways to “accidentally” kill myself little Neothink here forced me to search for knowledge and the absolute truth about life like never before.
A five minute internet search for free life help gave me the information I needed to stop this miserable existence from spiraling into oblivion. The letter I received in the mail from this amazing Secret Society in September 2007 still has me wondering if I was actually the person they wanted or they sent out a million letters, and we were just crazy and desperate enough to respond.
One thing is for sure, the three multigenerational packages have made it so that life as I knew it can never be the same again. Immediately after reading the multigenerational package I knew exactly why I was chosen, and all my depression, anger, hatred, resentment, guilt and fear dissolved instantly. Oh, I was mad to find out I had been flat out lied to and manipulated all these years, but somehow deep down I already knew this. I still don’t understand how you all found me or even what I can do, but just as all my prior questions about life have been answered these also will be answered in time.
Now I just have to apply this knowledge to these amazing opportunities opening up for me to make it where we have more income coming in than going out. Then, I will have no problem putting my whole heart and soul into finding a way to deliver Neothink to this anti-civilization that nearly killed me. After all, the Neothink Society has done something no doctor, drug or religion has been able to do, and I never thought was possible. You have given me more energy than I know what to do with, the overwhelming desire to live life to the fullest and the inspiration to make a real difference in this world. Thank you all for reaching out and saving me from this hell on earth. I have purposely tried to stay hidden from the world, but now that I have been found there is no turning back.


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