Thank you Mark Hamilton for all your hard work and honesty

Thank you Mark Hamilton for all your hard work and honesty. I was not surprised by your work, rather, I felt vindicated.  For once in my life, I found others that think like I always have, although never so eloquently and completely integrated. Religion was never my problem, I could never rap my head around that stuff. I just wanted to be a good person, extracting the value in all things to make sense of it all. Thanks to your work I have discovered that the common denominator to my lack of ultimate success was fear. Everyone around me just wanted to go with the flow and I wanted More, I want to live forever and create. People think that’s scary. I know it’s not!

Overcoming my fear of rejection, I recently approached a value creator with a business idea to take his work and product sales to the next level. He has exhibited classic Neothink in his work. We now have the very basics, common denominators to the health and longevity for each of us as individuals in his personalized health care according to our blood type/geno type.
The eatright4your type people were very excited over my business plan and we will enter discussions soon.

Thanks for the push in the Right direction.

Carl T. J.

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