Thank you Mark Hamilton for all you have taught me

The two parties (dems and republicans) are both infected with the progressive disease, there is no cure for them. They are to deeply infected. If we want true freedom we have to find a cure and that cure is the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) . The TVP IS DISEASE FREE. The TVP will not harm any one it will not force anyone to believe a certain way. We will have total freedom. No one will be allowed to harm you or your property. It will be a beautiful world with total freedom, peace and happiness. If you value your children you will support the only party that will give us true freedom. We will be safe our kids will be safe in a real utopia .The Twelve Visions Party is the only cure. Learn what the TVP really is ,study it don’t let others tell you what it is ,Study and learn make up your on mind don’t let others do it for you. Total honesty is what the TVP is about. Mark Hamilton is a great mentor let him teach you and your family the real truth with total honesty. Thank you Mark Hamilton for all you have taught me. Geneva B.

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