Thank You Mark Hamilton

All my dreams visualized have now come true thanks to Mark Hamilton. I never in my life have felt such happiness.
I have had a hard struggle all my life. I have always been ambitious and worked very hard. Also, 2 very unhappy marriages when I would try very hard and only to be controlling and abusive.
I am outgoing and have always loved people and very niave in my younger years and by anywhere I have ever worked, I have been respected. People have been jealous of me all my life. I know know it is because they couldn’t understand why I seemed so happy. I have always put my best self forwaard and been a very private person.
So many wonderful things have happened since reading Mark Hamilton’s Manuscripts. They totally stirred me up and everything made sense. I started applying his works of art in is books and he even spent personal time guiding me for over a year. TODAY!!!!!! I have a great truth to tell you.. I am so very happy and have never felt so much reward from all this. It all started after me focusing and learning how to manage my mini days, then it kept growing and growing from my integration a forthought. I was a meat wrapper in a grocery store and did the meat and cheese deli and ended up setting up the whole international cheese section for this huge chain. I decided who they would order from and I priced what it would be sold for and created huge profits for the comapany then I went into another career. Why, because I was just used for my knowledge and my ex husband was stalking me. Then I went to work for the # one home improvement company, and moved up very quickly.
After, a year I transfered closer to my home with this company. As, Supervisor of Kitchen and Bath and Appliances. I was brainstorming. Looking to create something huge to help my dept. make a major impact in sales. I have always been very creative. Mark taught me how to put it to use. There was an ad in the newspaper about a kitchen remodle event. I looked at that and said WHAT event.SO,I turned it into a real event.
I told my team of the plan. I paint a big sign plywood size sign, secured it out by main rd. Made signs for all the entrances and handpainted a sign on a pull down shade looking like wood flooring underneath and had my advertisement on it, right in the front kitchen display. Had flyers to pass out to customers, and had the phone center read about the event. Had a sign up sheet in the dept. The day of the event I made 49 couples very comfortable with a huge complimentary international cheese and all kinds of imported snacks and It was a great success. I had started to do these quarterly. Well, the ower point presentation went to corporate. and the VP for the Western U.S. made it her business plan and all the stores were to follow my lead and do everything I had done. I was recognized with an award. I mostly did it for me.
I have also been specialty painting for years and originally I believe that is my Friday night essence.. Things just keep flowing daily.
I feel like I am getting younger these days because of the intense happiness I feel. I met the man of my dreams 5 years ago. We didn’t know it until 18 months ago. We were married Jan 20th.
Thank You,

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