Thank you for bringing me into the Neothink Society

Dear Mark
Thank you for bringing me into the Neothink Society. I don’t know what i would be doing if you havent brought me in.
I would be the same neanderthal person i was before all this .
this is a gloriuos and excitng undertaking that were on, and i am glad to be one of the point persons to be
included in such and overwhelming and exciting and dangerous tasks.
The Neothink society can and will help people if only they can keep there wits about themselves and to
be patient and have self descipline you will come up that fast if you stay with it and be truthfull to yourself
and to your surroundings. thanks M.H. I will be writing more in the comming days so agian thank you from
the botom of my heart and may we move in and save the universe from all that try to harm us thanks.

Arlen M.

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