Before i got my letter in the mail and Mr. Mark Hamilton shed light on me threw Neothink i would still be living life in the dark waiting to die instead of living life as the person im meant to be! And creating value for society, ILL BE working a 9to5 stuck in stagnant rut, but waiting on authority figures such as  politician, religious leaders to continue there lying wicked ways to line there pockets instead  of being honest with the peoples they hold back with there laws they put in place to stop geniuses from coming out with cures for diseases and bringing us new technologies that can also save peoples lives ! INSTEAD they put stops to new ideas therefore they never reach the masses ,but with NEOTHINK AND THE TWELVE VISION PARTY LIFE WILL be a whole lot healthier and richer for just ordinary people and we can get rid of the career politician and replace them with  entrepreneurs and market-driven businesspeople and in turn they can free NEOTHINK MEMBERS OF SOCIETY whose life ambitions is to solve any and all of our problems and needs, on a large or small scale!      SO THANK YOU MARK HAMILTON AND NEOTHINK FOR GIVING ME VISION OF WHATS TO COME AND INSIGHT of what WAS BEFORE ! AND making me a productive person in this anticivilization and lifting the wolves off my eyes that these politician and religious leaders would have love to keep me under there bicameral hallucinating guidance for survival.


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