Reading Jogs The Mind

Fortunately I have always been an avid reader. When the Neothink Society reached out to me five years ago after overcoming the initial shock regarding the cost of the multigenerational manuscripts I went on essence and the magic began! Ironically it was exactly this time of year five years ago when I began reading our Neothink® literature and WOW!!! Immediately the Law of Attraction went on automatic pilot in my life. Long before I was introduced to the CD series “Your Wish Is Your Command” through reading the Neothink multigenerational manuscripts I was experiencing manifestations.

Integrating with the Neothink® literature gave me iron grip control and enormous advantages. What I valued the most about the multigenerational manuscripts was for the first time in my life I was learning the “secrets” regarding how to be treated precious by my man. That is what I have secretly always desired. Who do you get your advice from? Unfortunately my mom and dad had an unhappy relationship very similar to the recent headlines regarding “Tiger Woods” except Tiger had many more zeros behind his name. After mom was diagnosed with breast cancer the “nightmare” began. When mom passed I moved out on my own immediately and the nightmare escalated because my first roommate ended up being a “hit man”. After that I was never comfortable living with anyone else so I hung out with the “jet set” fast women and fast cars after my work hours.

Through reading the multigenerational manuscripts regarding the preciousness of a woman to her man I changed because that is want I secretly wanted. I smile inside when I see the latest issue of Essence magazine’s cover with a romantic picture of Steve Harvey and his beautiful wife.

Vision Seven from Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions World is my inspiration. The Twelve Visions Party is the vehicle that will finally enable me to live the life that I am meant to live happily loving my “superman”.

Happy Holidays!!!

Linda J.

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