Over specialization kills creativity

Eureka moments happen when stored up information from the right chamber of our brain, suddenly gets transferred to the left hemisphere of the brain, in one sudden flash of inspiration. The reason self leaders are rapidly sprouting up across the globe today… is because of over thirty years of investigation and development into this phenomena – and the identification of specific ‘Neothink’ tools that lead individuals to have these eureka moments on demand, and to then snap multiple eureka moments together, into super puzzles of knowledge. The opposite of this super-puzzle thinking, as identified by Mark Hamilton is over specialization. Over specialization kills creativity and allows mysticism to take hold… in this sense… the anticivilization isn’t really a physical place, it is a state of mind (although of course it does lead to physical states)… thus, the anticivilization is metaphysically unreal and can be puffed away.
Craig H.

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