Our ancestors and ourselves have searched for “something more”

Our ancestors and ourselves have searched for “something more”. As we near the end of our lives, we feel we missed out on the better life we imagined for ourselves as little children. The answer to the “something more” is offered to us now. What we are searching for is internal harmony. This harmony I am writing about will spread outward from ourselves to the world. I feel this in me and I feel it spreading out from myself. First to my family and then to my friends. Then to all the world. We will all be self-leaders. To be a self-leader we must take on responsibilities. When we do this we find ourselves exhilarated. That exhilaration will take us into being value producers and then to value creative beings. We were designed to always grow, to expand and always to be exhilarated. As we move into our adult life the life we were meant to live eludes us. We find employment and become stagnated in that job. How do we find the road to the that exhilarating life? We do it by reading the Neothink material offered to us by Mark Hamilton. He is truly a genius who is mentoring us who know to search for our creative selves in the Neothink world.

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