One day I opened my mailbox and, quite by chance, found a lengthy letter…

“One day I opened my mailbox and, quite by chance, found a lengthy letter from Mark Hamilton discussing Neothink and Neothink Inside Secrets.  I must admit that the letter intrigued me, even inspired me; however, I also had a healthy amount of skepticism, especially after learning that I would have to pay money to receive the manuscript.

I spent a great deal of time searching the internet to learn everything that I could about Mark Hamilton and Neothink.  I found many, many consumer complaints on the internet, which accused Mark Hamilton and Neothink of every sin in the calendar.  Some complainants even stated that they were going to contact their state attorney general or take legal action.  On the surface this all seemed to be very bad, very negative.  Who would consider sending money to such a person or organization?  However, I looked very closely at each and every complaint posted on the internet and saw that none of the people complaining had ever been harmed in any way by Mark Hamilton or Neothink.  Not a single person had lost money or been taken advantage of in any way.  In fact, there wasn’t even a single dissatisfied customer who had purchased a manuscript from Mark Hamilton and felt unhappy with their purchase.

At that point I knew with certainty what was happening.  All of the people complaining about Mark Hamilton and Neothink were complaining, not because they had been harmed or even felt dissatisfied, but because they were frightened by the first introductory letter that they had received.  It is very unfortunate that people often respond with fear, and anger which is derived from fear, to that which is new or that which they do not understand.  And, I knew from personal experience that people often respond in fear, angrily, even violently, if you dare to threaten their paradigm of thought, the way they think life works, their construct of reality, what they believe to be real and unreal.  They are simply afraid to even contemplate the possibility that there may indeed be more, far more, to life than they ever imagined.  After analyzing what was going on, and why the complaints about Mark Hamilton and Neothink had been posted on the internet, I knew that I must respond from a place of love, which is the polar opposite of fear.  At that point, I couldn’t buy a manuscript fast enough!

History teaches us that every great man or woman whom has ever tried to help others by putting forth new, revolutionary ideas has done so at great personal risk to themselves, always under threat of attack both by those who fear anything that would threaten their paradigm of thought and understanding of life and those who have a vested interest in maintaining the existing power structure.

It is thinkers of new thoughts, those bold enough and brave enough to use the creative power of their imaginations, who break all known boundaries, change the world, and often find themselves recorded in our history books.  Mark Hamilton is such a thinker and Neothink is such a thought.


J. K.

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