Of course I would like to assist you with a testimonial.

Of course I would like to assist you with a testimonial. Is there a deadline?
The reason I ask is because the company I formed from your company capture secrets has taken on a life of its own and gone global through no efforts of my own; at least not conscious efforts. I am so swamped by the nitty- gritty details, my scheduling of mini days requires each mini day to have their own full 8 hour day.
I had to give up twitter all together, for the time being anyway. Which, if I may add, can be a great place for grassroots efforts when campaigning. I have personally experienced its effectiveness when I went against up a local monopoly. They decided to see things my way after all. Even then it got the attention of news agencies and the Senator who now wants the County to explain how it occurred in the first place.
Don’t misunderstand about the workload Mark, I love it, but it would make it easier if there weren’t so many darn regulations to learn and comply with first. You definitely have my vote.
If you have some testimonials completed I’d like to read them for a better perspective on what you want us to write. I’m not quite sure if you want us to mention what we learned from you and the literature.
Clara T

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