No more Illusions

I first began receiving invitations to read Neothink literature from Mark Hamilton some years ago. But because I had grown up in, and was still a part of a high control religious cult, I held back from taking advantage of the opportunity, even though I really wanted to. You see, the illusionary cult that I had been brought up in basically forbade its members to read outside literature. This was how they kept tyrannical control over everyone. I eventually broke out of that cult but I was still without any real direction in life and was still affected by the illusions that have been foisted onto us by religion and the political system.

Despite my non-response to their invitations for me to read Neothink literature, the Neothink Society did not give up on me.

And I am forever grateful to Mark Hamilton for his continued confidence in me that I really was a person who could
be valuable to this world.

After I finally responded and obtained the Neothink literature, the information immediately resonated with me.All of my questions about life and the purpose of my existence were answered.I became so excited about life for the first time in my life.

I continued to obtain every piece of Neothink literature that was offered to me. I read it voratiously. I benefited from each one in more ways than I could have imagined.

The Neothink Society and the Neothink literature has made me strong, self-sufficient, and has even given me the desire and the courage to work on opening my own business. Prior to being introduced to the Neothink Society, and the literature, I never thought I would ever even want to have a business of my own.
Additionally, before Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society came into my life, I also did not know what I really wanted to do in life. But after reading one particular piece of their literature, the epiphany that was promised to me really happened. And when it happened I literally jumped into the air!That epiphany showed me that I really love teaching and science and I have always really wanted to be a teacher and a scientist. I was so excited about finally realizing what I should be doing with my life that I walked away from 19 years of civil service employment with no regret and no looking back, to become an entry level scientist and assistant teacher for a small company even at the age of 46. But since I really want my own science company, I am taking integrated steps to eventually open my own science education business.

So, thank you Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink Society!
Your confidence in me as a person, has erased all of the illusions.

Charles R.

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