Neothinking opened my eyes and guided me to a better life

-How the concepts and practices of The Neothink Society Neothinking have helped me-

Before learning about The Neothink Society I was stuck in a dead-end value-producing job for years, with little chance of advancement, raise, or decent benefits. I used marijuana, as did many others in my occupation, was over 50, single, and lonely, and not satisfied with my life or very happy, and had no direction or motivation for changing the ways I acted or thought.

I received an invitation to purchase and read the (then) 3 volume package of “prime literature” from The Neothink Society. They were making some extraordinary claims. I knew I needed to do something to change the direction my life was going, so I decided to join. I read and began to apply the new “Neothink” techniques to my life and bad habits as best I could.

The most incredible life changing series of events that occurred next I could not have even dreamed of!

I realized, after beginning to read the prime literature and actually applying the integrated thinking techniques of “Neothink” (as I suspected for some time anyway but didn’t actually know how to or have a reason or technique, to actually follow through) that smoking weed – I didn’t do any other drugs – was counterproductive, so I quit. I was an occasional alcohol drinker and gave that up also. Shortly after that, I got a new job working for the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (good job, good pay, good benefits), providing a genuine protection service for the traveling public, actually adding a value to society rather then simply being a producer. Less than 1 year later I was sent to Saipan (beautiful so. Pacific tropical island), to work temporarily until they could hire enough locals, stayed for 3 months, met and fell in love with a beautiful girl from Thailand and got married. I was not even thinking about marriage before Saipan, indeed had accepted the fact that I would always be lonely and never get married. If I didn’t get a new federal government job this trip would not have happened. Had I not known about and understood the twelve visions® of neothink and specifically vision 7, I would have let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip away, but didn’t because of my new knowledge of neothink and vision 7.
I have also, because of my new understanding and application of neothinks twelve visions® specifically visions 4 and 12, researched nutrition and the available supplements currently on the market because I am so happy now and want to live as long as possible and be as healthy as I can, started to use 3 proven ones and have never felt better or been healthier. I am now happier than I can ever remember, except possibly as a kid.

Learning the Neothink Society neothinking concepts and techniques got me to understand why and how to, stop my bad habits, get a better job, find my soul mate, become as healthy as possible, be truly happy, happier than most of my married friends. Neothinking opened my eyes and guided me to a better life.

Specifically, ending my dead-end job, stopping all my unhealthy habits for good, and understanding why, through neothink, getting a better job, finding my soul mate(after 50 years)and staying passionately in love, becoming and staying as healthy as possible, realizing true happiness for the first time in almost 50 years and actually knowing what the purpose of life is and how to achieve it, all happened after I became acquainted with and actually applied, the Neothink Society neothinking principles and techniques to my own life.

All that remains is for our Neothink Society neothinking techniques, and other concepts, to be spread world-wide so we can add value to societies world-wide and all people who read and apply the neothink techniques in the Neothink Society prime literature, including the poor, can improve their lives, as I have.


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