Neothink material is just… OUTSTANDING!… IMPOWERING!… INSPIRING!.. and REWARDING to read…

Dear Mark Hamilton:

Neothink material is just… OUTSTANDING!… IMPOWERING!… INSPIRING!..and REWARDING to read & read!–so much so–that’s it’s hard to put down.

I was contacted by the Neothink Society with this heavenly gift, a few years back and personally it’s confirmation to my earlier learning with the Western Mystery Tradition; when I started reading Neothink publications, I could hardly believe my eyes…I mean, what I was seeing on paper–in white & black print.  Something we all need to read and help in up lifting the consciousness of every man, woman and child…with answers for life’s most sought out questions, found no where else.. you know…food for the mind, body & soul; so, we can move forward to enjoy a wonderful world.  Because  a new day & way is Here! offer us real understanding.

Mark Hamilton, Author of The Neothink Heirloom Package, Mentor/Founder of The Neothink Society

The TVP (The Twelve Visions Party) are instrumental in giving us a chance…maybe our last

chance, to contribute in our own salvation …If you value anything in life–and I would not trade that for any-

thing–and that’s some of the things Neothink means to me!  Oh, I can go on … and on…but, Mr. Hamilton, I accept the opportunity to become a Neothink Warrior , too.  Thanks!


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