Neothink is based on self empowerment

I’d like thank Mr. Mark Hamilton all who know that Neothink is based on self empowerment though Individual creativity. By studying the information Mr. Hamilton has created & applying it w/my own creativity I have become more in tune w/the way a business should flow.

So to test this knowledge my family & I left the States & applied what I’ve learned & I have had some success. But now I am being tormented by those I’ve helped, so I can understand what Mr. Hamilton is dealing with & I support him & I will stand w/ him, because he stands for self improvement though Individual Creative.

I didn’t mention that I live in Tokyo w/my family & we’ve been here for 5yrs.& I don’t speak Japanese, & we live where most Japanese can only dream of living.
Thanks to Neothink & my Creativity I can live well anywhere.
Thanks Mr.Hamilton for Transendinal knowlegde you help others gain.
Keep up the good fight, because this warrior of Truth will stand w/U.

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