Neothink information enriches your life

Perfect timing. Neothink information enriches your life. You cannot see past the veil of illusions without it. If your mind is not ready to be open you will not see reality past words. Ego-driven lives will fail now and the Essence-driven lives will experience freedom for the first time. Few may even realize what enormous benefits will manifest with the Prime Law in place, even the wise. The ignorant will continue their floundering ways and ungratefully benefit from the advantages. The Prime Law will transform civilization. It will all flow from that point for humanity and all life. This is what’s always been missing. The “silly” part taken off of civilization once and for good; the parasites will fall off the host. Thank you Mark Hamilton for making it possible and bless your kind. Your books are kept safe and dry with me. Reason will prevail because of the Good.
David N.

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