Neothink has been a positive experience…

Gentlemen:  Per Mr. Mark Hamilton’s request, the following is an overview of my Neothink experience.  I have read the literature and have gained the following benefits from the knowledge received: 1)  By utilizing integrated thinking, I find that I am able to see through the illusions perpetrated by all forms of government, media, elitist intellectuals, most judges, most lawyers, teachers, unions, etc, on the citizens of the United States to further their collective group agendas.  It is easy for me to distinguish between value creators and producers from value detractors. Neothink reasoning is faultless in determining its’ positions.  2)  The political process of the U.S. is flawed but can be changed for the good of ALL through legal use of same by accomplishing the adoption of the Prime Law Constitutional Amendment and its articles.  This is an area of particular interest to me, and I plan to utilize my Friday Night Essence (writing) to further the TVP’s cause.  (I would send any work on for approval prior to mailing).  3) I have also found a peaceful understanding and perspective of the life I have lived and have yet to live.  4)  Neothink has given me a deeper sense of appreciation (in my soul) for the blessings I have received…….LOVE.

To summarize: Neothink has been a positive experience, and I am grateful for this opportunity to share with you my thoughts and feelings. I shall share the personal aspects of this with others.


John C. C.

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