My vision is clear

For a long time, I’ve been challenged to leave behind regrets, resentment, and blame.  These have been my nemeses.  Last weekend, on the way back from one of my several mile jogs, I began linking together in my mind images from my past.  I suddenly saw what I had to do.  In my artwork eight years ago, four years before I had seen any of the Prime Literature, and while I was still in High School, I had drawn several pictures and made a painting on which I explicitly questioned (what?). . . I questioned the ubiquitous dishonesties and suffering in families, romances, and the senselessness of certain events in the world.  At the time, I merely wrote “WHY” on my painting.  It was not a reflection of explicit, reasoned thought, but instead a desperate plea.

Now, eight years later, I’ve come back to painting, and this time with a clear Vision of what I want to present.  At the same time that I could now be beginning to bring some profound satisfaction and self-esteem into my life through my own efforts, I also see a bit of a threat to that enjoyment.  What is this that distracts my attention and vexes my Spirit?  Has an inanimate object, a mosquito, or a penguin become god?  Has a human individual’s life become worthless?  This is what I hear and see either implicitly or explicitly around me every day.  It is a poisonous atmosphere to be breathing.  I hope that big ugly monster that is rearing its head and poking its claws into every facet of individuals’ lives across the globe, and across the span of all of human history may finally be slain, and that we may live in a Twelve Visions World (a free and self-leader world).


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