My Neothink Healthcare Experience

During the first snow storm last winter I slipped and fell on the ice and fractured my ankle. Although I could not walk I resisted the idea regarding calling an ambulance because like a lot of Americans I did not have health insurance. Luckily one of the good samaritans who came to my aid as I laid helplessly in the snow called an ambulance. When the ambulance team arrived and put me on their stretcher I was hysterical because I did not have health insurance. Two days later several doctors that I called regarding the followup healthcare I needed turned me down because I did not have health insurance.

Thanks to my Neothink mentality I was able to get iron grip control over my situation and I attracted two wonderful physicians who have provided me with superior medical care. I am truly fortunate to be a part of the Neothink Society because reading its multigenerational manuscripts and applying what I have learned has given me enormous advantages. Several Neothink members supported me through my situation on all levels including driving me home from the emergency room and to several of my medical appointments. Just last weekend a new Neothink member gave me hope as I was struggling with depression when we learned that we shared the same experience. She had fractured her ankle one month before I fractured mine and was walking without a cane. Finally I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Having Mark Hamilton the found of the Neothink Society as my mentor is truly a “gift”. Mark Hamilton has a vision to manifest the Twelve Visions World, which will empower everyone everywhere to live the life that we are meant to live minus the dishonesties. Mark Hamilton is also the founder of the Twelve Visions Party. The Twelve Visions Party’s Platform is to “Make All The People Rich Including the Poor”. The Twelve Visions Party’s Prime Law is the missing puzzle piece to manifest the change that we desire in the world. WEALTH, HEALTH, PEACE…

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