My Neothink books are my most treasured possessions

Dear Mark Hamilton,

I am very thankful you found me, and offered me the Neothink books.  My Neothink books have become my most treasured possessions.  I reread pages of my books everyday searching for concepts to use while piecing together forward movements for whatever my mind visualizes.  The books truly do have the secrets to a fulfilling life written within the pages.  Mark, you have taught me how to advance myself out of the stagnate deadened life I was living, and I am very grateful.  Also, I am grateful that within your written words you have, gently, and lovingly brought my mind to know the limitless power I have.  I am honored I have been given the opportunity to read the Neothink books, especially when I know only a small amount of the world population know these secrets. Although, I do realize how important it is to have everyone understand the power they have in their own minds.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You

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