My first experience with Neothink was one of great curiosity

My first experience with Neothink was one of great curiosity. I had just dropped out of college. I was a starving artist/musician. I was trying to find my purpose. I knew I had potential, but I was lost. I needed to figure out what to do with my life – how to survive. I was cautious when I started reading the manuals, but intrigued. I am always interested in other points of view, even if I don’t agree with them.

After reading thoroughly the Neothink Inside Secrets, the ideas and concepts within began to take hold in my own thinking. Neothinking began to be a new window from which to peer. I began to see things through this window – opportunities – all around me that I had just not seen in the same light before. Being almost addicted to this new perspective and its benefits, and the strictly objective logically-based rationale behind it, I could feel myself slowly being empowered, day after day. I was seeing to the root, or essence, of everything around me, and problems began to be seen as pure opportunities. I decided to take advantage of these opportunities. Today, 4 years after first receiving the Neothink manuals, I have started my own music-based company, following my dreams, and doing what I love. I have over 20 employees working for me across the world. I have a successful music blog which I created from scratch on my own, now with over 13 other contributors, and I have helped countless independent artists like me get their music out to the world. I also just launched my first real product. I moved out of the snowy northeast, to a beautiful spot in southern California, my dream location. I have a pool, two dogs, and a great view. Most of all, I am happy. I am happy knowing that I am not only doing what I love, but that I get to influence and empower other people to do what they love. My company solves problems for artists and provides opportunities for them to benefit, just as I benefited from the Neothink Secrets. This is not made up I swear. If it weren’t for these books, sure maybe I’d be doing okay, but I don’t think I’d have this same sense of assuredness and confidence that I have now, after reading about, and then applying the concepts learned through the books. They really have transformed my life, and I am happy to say that they have also transformed the lives of the people around me. Together we are motivated, confident, and effective in reaching our goals. We are pursuing, and accomplishing our dreams. My company continues to grow at an exponential rate, and though you may never have heard of us yet, within just 2-3 years, we will be everywhere. Look out for a new music company popping up on the scene in the near future. I attribute so much of where I am now to these books, and honestly anyone trying to discredit the content within is simply discrediting themselves, because everything in the books is testable, derived from objective facts, and it works. For me, there was no risk to try the books. I gave it a shot, and it really actually did do what they claimed it would. It freed my mind from traps and old ways of thinking that had me stuck in a vicious and repetitive downward spiral. These books, if nothing else, catalyzed my growth out of that cycle, and for that, I am forever grateful. If I had not gotten the books when I did, who knows how much time I would have lost, and where I would be today. Maybe still selling drugs, or in jail – I was this { } close. Instead I have a healthy and rapidly growing business. I have learned an enormous amount of new skills along the way because of my will to give it a try, and the skills that I have learned from Neothink have stuck with me and provided support for me every step of the way. The stuff in the book isn’t rocket science. Some of it you have probably encountered before, you just didn’t realize the importance of it. These books spell out for you exactly what to look for and also what to watch out for and it is all really common sense stuff. When you read it you’ll see just how much sense it all makes, and kick yourself for not realizing these truths sooner on your own.

Regardless, the fact that you now have access to these truths means that you should take advantage. One quick example, right from the books – one of my favorites that sticks with me every day in my business – Sometimes sitting there and just thinking is work. To do good work, sometimes first requires the right thought. Sitting and being immersed in this way of thinking they call Neothink – seeing to the root of problems, and seeing opportunities for solutions – seeing the best case scenarios first and finding the path from what is there currently, to this best case situation – this is a skill that most people in business do not take advantage of. This is a step that most people, when “doing work” never even think about. This is a skill that will put you ahead of others in business – it has certainly done so for me. I’m so ahead of these other companies in strategies and implementations that I could actually afford to slow down right now..but where’s the fun in that?

I’ll leave you with another one of my favorite passages that has stuck with me: “You don’t need to know everything. You just need to know something that nobody else knows.” If you know this, you are already ahead. This book is full of things that nobody else knows, or things that people tend to overlook or un-prioritize. It’s the act of paying attention to the things that truly matter that gives us the confidence to forge ahead with conviction, displaying, and spreading leadership everywhere we go. These books helped me clear away the clutter, and take out the trash, and what it has left me with, is the most amazing value I could never likely repay. However every day I try, because I want everyone to experience this value. We are the future. With our world clouded, the sun can never get through to allow us to grow.

Neo-Think finally lets the sun shine through. If you have any doubts, then don’t do it for yourself, but instead, do it for your future – try it for your family and your children’s children. If you do, you’ll see what I mean, and you’ll see the real value, in time. Don’t give up!

D. C.

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